Attorney Stephanie Kral is a military veteran who knows what it means to fight for members of America's military. She has defended hundreds of clients and handles every kind of criminal case, including the most complex criminal trials. The Uniform Code of Military Justice is unique and complex. You need a military defense attorney who has experience. Call now to speak directly with Stephanie.

Defending Service Members Across All Branches of the Military

Military Seals

Article 32 hearings, General & Special Courts-Martial, Appeals


Discharge Boards, Administrative Separation, Boards of Inquiry, Discharge Review Boards, Discharge Upgrades


NCIS, OSI, CID, CGIS, Command Investigations, Inspector General, MEO/EO


Article 15/Nonjudicial Punishment, Appealing FBI Titling Actions


Rape, Sexual Assault, Crimes Against Children, Internet Sex Crimes, Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault, Child Pornography


Drugs, UA/AWOL, BAH Fraud, Fraternization, Larceny, Assault

Dedicated Military Defense Attorney

Stephanie aggressively protects the rights of service members facing some of the most difficult battles of their careers. When your future is at stake, call someone who will listen to you, work tirelessly for your defense, and aggressively represent your interests.



Navy Court-Martial

Steph represented the client at Article 32 hearing. She proved client was innocent. ALL CHARGES DROPPED.

Marine Corps Investigation

The client faced false accusations of sexual harassment/assault from subordinates. Steph's aggressive defense prevented any negative action from being taken against the Marine.

Navy Administrative Separation Board

Client accused of wrongfully using marijuana but accidentally ingested. After representation at ADSEP Board proceedings, the panel found no basis for discharge. Career saved.

Coast Guard Investigation

Coast Guard client saved from nonjudicial punishment due to representation during the investigation.

Navy Administrative Separation Board

The client had a history of multiple service-related injuries and was mistreated by command. Steph saved the client from Other Than Honorable (OTH) Discharge. The client received General discharge. VA benefits preserved.


Steph's help preparing the client for his written statement and Office Hours resulted in such a strong response, the client received essentially no punishment via the NJP.

Coast Guard

Client facing Other Than Honorable Conditions Discharge for sexual harassment. Steph ensured a conditional waiver for an Honorable Discharge. 15 years of service saved.

Air Force

Steph represented a client whose rights were being violated which would have resulted in 30-year career-ending. Steph intervened and the client was allowed to retire honorably.


Steph negotiated a plea agreement for the client being court-martialed for drug trafficking and distribution. No punitive discharge (Bad Conduct or Dishonorable)!

Air Force

The client was being served a demotion action 2 months before separating from an 11-year career. The Commander withdrew the demotion action after reading the package Steph created, saying “I was swayed by your attorney’s letter and the presentation."


UCMJ allegations against Client could have resulted in a court-martial after command investigation. Steph’s aggressive representation during the investigation resulted in a 6105 and guaranteed reenlistment.


Officer Client was retained by a Board of Inquiry after urinalysis tested positive for a drug. Steph’s strategy saved an 18-year career.

Navy Court-Martial

The client was facing up to one year of confinement for thousands of dollars of shipmate theft. Steph negotiated to ensure no Bad Conduct Discharge, no confinement, and no forfeitures of pay.

Proven Experience You Can Trust

When your future is at stake, you want a powerful defense backed by experience. Do not hesitate. Contact Stephanie now.

What Do Clients Say?

Client Testimonial 7

The moment I reached out to Kral Military Defense and got on the phone with Stephanie I knew I had made the right decision. During a very stressful time, she acted with professionalism and made me feel as if I were her only client. We attacked the investigation with zeal, and exactly as she had explained to me in the beginning, it was a wild goose chase. Her defense package presentation was phenomenal and all charges were dropped as they should have been. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who is in a military legal situation requiring counsel. – LTJG, USN

Client Testimonial 6

I am an E-4 in the Navy that was represented by Stephanie Kral. I received an EO complaint from the command which I did not commit. Steph gathered evidence to prove my innocence. Due to the COVID pandemic, the process was slower than expected, but Steph was very engaging with any question I asked her and made sure to reply within the day. After the command processed the EO complaint, I was given notification of NJP. Steph advised me of all possible outcomes and told me all avenues and charges I could possibly face. We ultimately decided to turn down NJP and have our day in court. Instead, the command sent me to an ADSEP board. Steph and I spent weeks preparing to have the best possible outcome and defense. The government tried very hard to give me an Other than Honorable discharge, but with Steph’s aggressive cross-examination and evidence gathering, I was more than happy with the outcome. If you are facing any charges at all in the military contact this lawyer!!

Client Testimonial 5

When I chose to contact Steph I was at a low and stressful point in both my life and career. Steph not only helped me work through the situation I was in but offered me advice on how to move forward after this. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to represent me.

Client Testimonial 4

When I chose to contact Steph I was at a low and stressful point in both my life and career. Steph not only helped me work through the situation I was in, but offered me advice on how to move forward after this. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to represent me

Client Testimonial 3

I am so blessed to have had Stephanie represent me in my administrative demotion process. I was down, depressed, ready to give up and throw in the towel but her encouragement and guidance gave me the strength to fight to keep my stripe. If it weren’t for her talents, I would have ended my remarkable 11 year career on a low and horrible note but because of her hard work, I was able to finish my career on a high note and separate with my full severance! Thank you so much Stephanie!!

Client Testimonial 2

Steph was able to defend me from an accusation I found to be unjust. She educated me on the process and helped me navigate a maze of red tape and bureaucracy. While working with Steph I felt my situation was in the most competent of hands.