The moment I reached out to Kral Military Defense and got on the phone with Stephanie I knew I had made the right decision. During a very stressful time, she acted with professionalism and made me feel as if I were her only client. We attacked the investigation with zeal, and exactly as she had explained to me in the beginning, it was a wild goose chase. Her defense package presentation was phenomenal and all charges were dropped as they should have been. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who is in a military legal situation requiring counsel.


I acquired Ms. Kral and her team for a case a while back and they have been with me the entire time. Throughout the case I always felt supported, and that Kral and associates had my best interest at heart.

I would recommend her defense to anyone, with any problems, ten times over!

Thank you again for the support!

LaShawn, former client

I had a life-altering experience when I was accused of some very serious crimes and facing major prison time if convicted. I retained Stephanie and, man, was I happy I did. This woman is a master of her craft. She was professional, focused, extremely thorough with her research and evidence gathering. Steph’s litigation skills are at extraordinary levels, and once I saw her in court I knew my life was in great hands. I owe my life to Steph, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting the best criminal defense attorney around.

I am extremely blessed to have had Stephanie Kral as my lawyer. She always had my best interests in mind, while keeping me grounded and aware of the potential outcomes. Steph was upfront in her explanations of the legal process as well as any actions she took on my behalf. I’m not one who will easily place my faith or trust in someone; however, Steph earned my trust and gained my respect. Her professional approach with persons on both sides of the case turned what could have been a contentious circumstance into a smooth proceeding. I would highly recommend Steph to anyone I know.

Stephanie was recommended to me when my son needed legal representation when facing some charges in the Navy.  Stephanie was amazing!  She was extremely thorough in explaining everything to me and kept me informed every step of the way. My son called me afterward and said “Mom, she was AMAZING and I think if I had a different attorney it wouldn’t have gone the way I wanted.” Stephanie is very passionate about what she does and truly cares about her clients on a personal level. Stephanie no doubt is the best defense attorney around and I highly recommend her.

Steph has been amazing to work with. She is supportive and fair. I couldn’t have found a more perfect fit for my situation. I would definitely refer her to anyone who may need her services. I want everyone to have the opportunity to be treated as well as I was.

Thank you so much to Stephanie for helping me in my case! If it wasn’t for her expertise and knowledge I would not still be in the Navy today. Because of her, my entire case was dropped and I couldn’t have had a better outcome happen to me. Now I can continue my career and life while striving to be better every day. Thank you!!

I can’t thank Steph enough for the work she put into my appeal. While the GOMOR was not removed entirely, I’m greatly satisfied with the results. I’m able to continue my career and begin to put this behind me. It’s been a very trying time in my life and career. There’s more I’d like to add but I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions at this moment. Simply put, thank you Stephanie.

Former Client

As a junior officer with less than three years in service, I found myself facing a GOMOR for fraternization and in need of legal assistance during a criminal trial. Steph eagerly took on my case, represented me with honor, provided essential insight and advice, and ultimately relieved the tension that comes when facing uncertain outcomes. Thanks to Steph’s professionalism, diligence, and proficient understanding of military law, my case was met with favorable outcomes and I am once again in control of my life and military career, with the GOMOR in my rear view.

Former Client

Stephanie Kral was a beacon of hope to me and my family when our options appeared slim to nonexistent and the likelihood of a favorable resolution seemed nearly impossible. Not only was she able to defend us from an unjust accusation that could have ended my 13 year Naval career, her calm and collective demeanor offered emotional aid and relief to myself and those that mean everything to me.

Working with Stephanie Kral proved to be effective. She has the highest quality of professional communication and performance. She is truly a master at her craft. I strongly recommend choosing Stephanie Kral as your legal representative. Seeing her from experience during my administrative separation board, her ability to sway the judges/board members in attendance with her arguments and cross-examining skills gave me confirmation that I picked the right person to beat the case brought against me. With allegations of abusive sexual contact and assault consummated by battery, being falsely accused of such a serious offense can put your livelihood and career on the line, with permanent detrimental effects to finding a job in the government and civilian sector. I had to get the best service possible. Choosing Stephanie and giving her all the evidence and tools to use in her arsenal will prove to be in your best interest if you’re serious about resolving your legal issues. Stephanie Kral is one the best out there for military defense. Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with Stephanie Kral

Michael, former client

I can’t express enough how amazing my experience has been with Stephanie. From the first phone call she has made my situation 100x better and more manageable. Her experience and knowledge is so easily apparent and you don’t for a second feel like you made the wrong choice in choosing her as your attorney like you may with some others. Every step of the way I felt my questions were answered immediately and she was always ready to assist in anyway. She also is one of the most prepared not just attorneys but individuals I’ve ever met. Even during the motions hearing, Stephanie was praised by members of the convening authority and her respect in the court room was something to marvel at. If you ever are in need of an attorney that is looking out for your best interest and has the expertise and experience, look no further than Stephanie Kral. When your life and career are on the line you can’t falter whatsoever in choosing the right representation and not for a second did I feel like I made the wrong call on day 1.


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