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BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) fraud in the military refers to situations where servicemembers attempt to receive BAH benefits they are not entitled to or provide false information to increase their BAH payments. BAH is a monetary allowance provided to military personnel to help cover the cost of housing when they are not provided with government housing. There are also a number of other kinds of pay and allowances that can be obtained by fraud or false pretenses.

Here are some common forms of BAH fraud and other types of obtaining pay and allowances that could violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ):

  • False Dependency Claims: Some servicemembers may falsely claim dependents to receive a higher BAH rate that corresponds to their claimed family size.
  • Inaccurate Housing Locations: Someone may submit fraudulent documentation, such as fake leases, to show that dependents are living in a certain location during a deployment when they are not in order to receive a higher BAH rate for the geographic area.
  • Sham Marriages: A servicemember may marry someone solely for the purpose of obtaining government benefits, which is a form of fraud.
  • Dual BAH Claims: Married service members may attempt to receive BAH for both their primary residence and a secondary residence, which is not permitted.
  • Failure to Report Changes: Servicemembers are required to report changes in marital status, family size, or housing arrangements that would affect the BAH rate, such as divorce, and failing to do so could be a form of fraud.
  • Off-Base Residence While Living On-Base: Receiving BAH for off-base housing while actually living in government-provided housing on a military base could be a form of BAH fraud.

BAH fraud can be a serious offense and is something that can be investigated by CID, NCIS, and AFOSI. Penalties for those found guilty of BAH fraud can include disciplinary action, rank reduction, loss of security clearance, fines, and even imprisonment.

Defending against an allegation of BAH fraud

If you are facing an allegation of BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) fraud in the military, it’s essential to take the situation seriously:

Consult with Legal Counsel:

Seek immediate legal advice from a civilian attorney experienced in military law. This is a critical step, as your attorney can provide guidance specific to your case and help protect your rights throughout the process. We can help with all the following steps to help obtain the best result possible for your case.

Gather Documentation:

Collect all relevant documents and records that can support your case. This may include lease agreements, utility bills, pay stubs, PCS orders, divorce decrees, and any other documents that demonstrate your entitlement to the BAH rate you received.

Do not immediately give them to investigators. Talk to your attorney first to decide what the best course of action is. “Cooperating” with investigators can – and often does – backfire and make the situation worse for you.

Review the Allegations:

Understand the specific allegations against you and the evidence that supports these claims. Your attorney will help you analyze the case against you. She will help you figure out what UCMJ charges may be applicable to your case. She will also identify weaknesses or inconsistencies in the allegations to prepare you for potential outcomes.

Maintain Open Communication:

Stay in close contact with your attorney and follow her advice. Be honest and transparent with your attorney about all aspects of your case, as this will help her provide the best possible defense.

Build a Strong Defense Strategy:

Work closely with your attorney to develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your case. This may involve challenging the evidence presented against you, demonstrating errors or inaccuracies in the allegations, or showing that you had a legitimate reason for any discrepancies.

Consider Mitigation:

You always need to keep performing at your highest possible level while you are under investigation. Doing so will help with sentencing, if that is what happens in your case. You also need to work with your attorneys to get whatever mitigation evidence they ask for from you, such as awards and decorations.

Be Patient and Composed:

Legal proceedings can be lengthy and stressful. It’s important to remain patient and composed throughout the process and trust your attorney’s guidance. If you ever have questions about your case, KMD has a team of people here to assist you and answer those questions.

Remember that BAH fraud allegations are serious and can have significant consequences. An experienced attorney is crucial in helping you navigate the legal process and mounting an effective defense to protect your rights and reputation.

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You never expect to need an attorney while you are serving in the Military. You even procrastinate thinking you can manage the simplicity of your case, because after all, you are innocent, and you think the Government will recognize that. However, sometimes simplicity is not a government characteristic and things can spiral out of control. If you are a service member and ever need legal assistance, I implore you to call an Attorney.You will want a knowledgeable attorney with a military background, extensive NLSO connections, who shoots straight and will be the sharp end of your legal sword.Stephanie Kral was my attorney through 3 years of managing my case against the U.S. Gov. and without Stephanie and her team, it would have been a nightmare. I am fortunate to have enlisted her services and had the opportunity to watch her navigate the complexities of military law. She is everything you will want in an experienced attorney for both simple and complex cases. Call them immediately!
Marty S.
Marty S.
The paralegal Danielle is one of the best I have worked with. She was and is still one of my mentors in my career and life. She took care of me a many others as a defense paralegal manager. She always makes time for you. Her knowledge and her compassion for taking care of people is why she is who she is!! The Best! She is someone you will always want on your side. She is truly one of the best people I know!!!!
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Tasha S.
Stephanie is the most professional, well respected, and most genuine legal person that I know in the business. After working with her, from the moment we talked to the time she finished my case, she gave not only 100 percent of her time and dedication but also complete devotion to my needs, advise, and my case without hesitation. Her extensive background in military law coming from her military background as a Major in the United States Airforce and now civilian law comes unmatched. Her dedication to protecting the rights of military members speakes for itself with the flawless record she has out there in the fleet. Words cant express enough what she has done for me and my family ensuring I got the fairest case available and the best outcome there was. Thank you Stephanie. She is the best there is!!
Anthony B.
Anthony B.
Fortunately, I have not had to use these services however, once I heard Danielle worked here I knew I would be in good hands should I ever need assistance. Danielle was my paralegal supervisor when I was first entered into the paralegal career field and she changed my career trajectory for the better. She paved the way for me to promote through the ranks and managed my training phase from an apprentice to a journeyman in the career field. She has expert knowledge and provides candid feedback to those who ask. She's an all around professional.
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Don G.
I have been attempting to write this review for Stephanie for 3 months, Everytime I write it I delete it because I don’t think it’s good enough. This review was long past due but To the individual that may be facing any type of legal troubles from the bottom of my heart this is THE lawyer that you want on your side. At the age of 21, I faced 20 years in prison for a crime I did not commit. Stephanie is the definition of top-tier no words can describe how grateful I am for Stephanie and her team. She not only got my case dismissed, but she gave me my life back, for 2 1/2 years I was stuck in South Korea my command didn’t allow me to take leave. When I told Stephanie she dropped everything and went above and beyond, Steph personally told the government they better allow me to take leave to see my family. THE SAME DAY! They granted me 45 days of leave & when I came back I received a call from Stephanie, yelling with joy “ they are dropping all the charges “. Stephanie is that lawyer you see in movies who always wins, even when you feel like something isn’t going right Stephanie is always in control. Not only did the government lawyers respect her, the judge respected her , the Commanding General respected her and knew her name. So all I can say is thank you Stephanie and if you’re someone who truly needs help this is your lawyer ! Stephanie told me I was her second longest case that she ever had but one thing I can always guarantee about Stephanie is she never lacks when it comes to communication anything you wanna know anything you should know she will let you know Stephanie is an open book she tells you how it is she’s not gonna lie to you or waste your time.From the bottom of my heart thank you Stephanie !
Darrell L.
Darrell L.
Steph is the best in the business. She is compassionate, hardworking, intelligent, diligent, and knowledgeable. As a fellow attorney and colleague, I have reached out to Steph to bring her on board and help with some of my toughest cases, knowing having her by my side would lead to the best possible outcome.She is a fierce advocate for her clients; she does not back down or take nonsense from anyone. She is one of the few attorneys I would never want to see on the other side of a case.If you are in a tough spot and in need of legal assistance, you will not find better representation than Stephanie Kral.
Daniel M.
Daniel M.
Before I retired from the Air Force, I had a life altering experience. I was accused of some very serious crimes and facing major prison time if convicted. I was referred to Stephanie Kral by a legal advisor and man, was I happy that I obtained her service. This woman is a master of her craft. She was professional, focused, extremely through with her research and background information gathering. Mrs. Kral’s litigation skills are at extraordinary levels and once I’ve seen her 1st day in court I knew I was is great hands. I owe my life to Stephanie Kral and I would recommend her to anyone needing the best military criminal defense attorney around.
Erik M.
Erik M.
Stephanie Kral is an amazing attorney. She went above and beyond and works tirelessly to get the best outcome. She is a caring and intelligent attorney who chooses to personally communicate with you along the way, always making you feel like a priority. Stephanie, Thank you for all you do!
Erin S.
Erin S.

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