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The military criminal justice system is unique and complex. Charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) have the potential to end your career, carry significant jail time, and permanently stain your record with a dishonorable discharge. A different criminal justice system requires a different type of defense attorney.

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Stephanie is a military veteran and served active duty as a JAG officer. She was a member of an elite group of senior criminal litigators and is intimately familiar with every aspect of the UCMJ and military law. She will aggressively defend your case from investigation to trial, challenging the government every step of the way.

Whether the charges involve fraternization, AWOL, larceny, drug offenses, sexual assault, or any other offense, Stephanie has the experience to defend your rights. Because Stephanie is a former military prosecutor, she knows how the JAGs build their case. She will challenge every piece of evidence, every accusation, and every witness.

If you are facing a court-martial for rape or sexual assault, having a female lawyer on your side has an advantage in front of a jury. Stephanie will ask questions others won’t. She has a reputation as someone who is never afraid to confront an accuser and is never intimidated by the military system. You have the right to a civilian defense counsel. Assert your rights. Contact Kral Military Defense, PC. We strive to protect US military members globally.

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